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Port of Portland
Marathon - 42.2km

The Marathon, in its 37th year takes in Bridgewater Bay, Discovery Bay and Portland Bay.  We start in Portland near the Portland Basketball Stadium on the corner of Otway and Fitzgerald Streets and follow Otway St out to Bridgewater Bay via a gently undulating course.  Spectacular views are afforded as competitors climb the first of our two big hills, the 'Dipper'.  From there the course weaves through Bridgewater Lakes and past the intriguing limestone caves, before runners attempt the second climb, the 'Shuffler'.  The course then heads back to town along 'Cashmore Straight', a mentally challenging 8km's of flat straight road.  Then, back through town, skirting Portland Bay with a welcome descent down Bentinck Street to the finish line.



Elevation Gain


Entry Cost


Start Time

WALK - 6am

RUN - 8am


Half Marathon - 21.1km

The Half Marathon follows the second half of the marathon course.  We bus you out from the Portland Basketball Stadium on the corner of Otway and Fitzgerald Streets to the start line near Bridgewater Lakes.  The start line is one third of the way up the Shuffler and so the race commences with a steep climb.  From here the course undulates for about 5km before turning onto 'Cashmere Straight, a 8km long straight and flat stretch of road.  From there its back into town and onto the downhill along Bentnick Street to the finish line.  Your choice of the run or walk categories.



Elevation Gain


Entry Cost


Start Time


 Quest Quarter Marathon 10.5km

The Quarter Marathon was new in 2017 and proved very popular.  It follows the last section of the marathon course and is timed to finish as the marathoners are coming in.  As with the half, we bus you out to the start line.  It avoids all the hills of the middle section of the marathon and is flat and fast and very approachable if your looking to step up from shorter distances such as Parkrun.  As with all our events, you can choose to run or walk (however in the quarter there is no seperate category for the walk).



Elevation Gain


Entry Cost


Start Time


Marathon Relays

A huge part of the three bays atmosphere is created by our relay competitors.  We have the primary and secondary school relays, the 4 person (3x10, 1x12km) relay, the 8 person (7 x 5km, 1 x 7km) relay.  All are open to the walkers or runner teams.  On the marathon course (but with a delayed start), its a great way to be part of the festival without having to run a huge distance yourself.


Part of 42.2km

Elevation Gain

Part of 300m

Entry Cost

$50 - $160

Start Time

WALK - 6:30am

RUN - 8:15am

Need to Know...



Competitors will be bussed to the start lines for both the half and  quarter marathons.  Buses will depart from the Portland Basketball Stadium corner of Otway and Fitzgerald Streets (Marathon Start).

Half marathon (Run & Walk) buses leave at 8:45am.

Quarter marathon (Run & Walk) buses leave at 9:00am.



Race Numbers

Race numbers will be available for pickup on Saturday at the Portland Runners Club Tent adjacent to the trail run finish line at the Upwelling Festival on the Portland Foreshore from 10am to 4pm.  Late bib collection will be available at the corner of Otway and Blair Streets (Marathon Start) from 5:30am on Sunday. 


Start & Cutoff Times

6am - Marathon Walk Solo

6:30am - Marathon Walk Relay

8:00am - Marathon Run Solo

8:15am - Marathon Run Relays

9:45am - Half & Quarter Marathon Run and Walk

Race briefings will take place 10 minutes prior to the start of each event.

The course cutoff time is 2pm.  Anyone remaining on the course at this stage will be recorded as a Did Not Finish and asked to withdraw.


Aid Stations

Aid Stations are located every 5km.  Available will be water, electrolyte drink and sponges towards on the back half if the weather is hot.

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